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Often Misquoted

Optiq a posted Jul 7, 13
Misquotes have been here since language was developed. In the modern day with tweets, blogs and near instantaneous communications we have reached dizzying heights of misquotes. It cannot be helped, as humans have developed the attention span of a house fly how can we be expected to remember all of this, much less correctly?? The Often Misquoted name was inspired by how many times what we say is misspoken, either intentionally or not (and a vote that may or may not have happened).

We are a group of friends, most of them real life, who have been playing together for years. We enjoy sci-fi, music, fantasy and puns not to mention most things funny. We dislike l33t speak, jerks and bosses that just won't die in a reasonable fashion. To that end we created Often Misquoted to remedy most of those things.

We like raiding, we like having a good time and we like doing both at the same time. We don't have a political agenda, other than the eradication of most of the bosses in whatever the current raiding content is. We believe in preparation, knowledge, teamwork, Deadly Boss Mods and GTFO.

Often Misquoted is an Alliance 10 man guild on US-Icecrown. 

Our raid day/times are (Server Time):
Wednesday 7:00pm - 9:30pm CST)
Thursday 7:00pm -9:30pm (CST)

You can contact us here on this site or in-game at
Battletag: Optiq#1466
Congrats to all on two great kills!
Another great kill this week! Well done everyone!

Warlords Recruiting!

Optiq a posted Jun 6, 14
We are opening up recruiting for the upcoming expansion and are looking to add to all roles in the main raid group.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us here or in game at Battle Tag: Optiq#1466.
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Hobo joe is stealing your wifi.
Hobo Joe..slumming wifi...a new low
Raiders plan on raiding tonight.
Short post up. I'm slumming off neighbors wifi atm.
Where you at Opti?
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